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Brüggen Nature Park Information Centre

Typical scenes from the nature park represent the heart of the exhibition. They take the form of dioramas (= simplified, recreated elements of nature), designed to introduce the archetypal nature and landscape of the Schwalm-Nette Nature Park to a wider audience.

Information panels alongside provide detail on leisure activities and relaxation, nature conservation and the nature park itself. Those interested in finding out more detail can use the computer touchscreens.

The ‚eco column’ invites visitors to interact with the ecological displays. Explore the difference between the curved beak of a mallard duck and the predatory beak of a buzzard, for example via a touchscreen. Hedgehogs, rabbits, water voles and snakes can also be touched. Short videos explain the relationships between the living creatures in the various ecosystems.

Burg Brüggen Nature Park Information Centre

Burgwall 4
41379 Brüggen
Tel.: +49 2163 5270
Fax: +49 2163 578404
GPS: N – E

Opening hours:
Tue - Sun 10am – 5pm.

Closed Mondays