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Visitor centres – well worth a visit

Brüggen Nature Park Information Centre
Typical scenes from the nature park represent the heart of the exhibition. They take the form of dioramas (= simplified, recreated elements of nature), designed to introduce the archetypal nature and landscape of the Schwalm-Nette Nature Park to a wider audience.

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 Nature Park Centre
Right at the heart of the historic centre, Haus Püllen is one of the oldest listed buildings in Wachtendonk, dating back to the year 1634. Today it houses the Nature Park Centre of the Schwalm-Nette Nature Park, offering information, educational material and exhibits for visitors.

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Nature Park Centre Wildenrath
On the site of the former Wegberg-Wildenrath military airport, the Siemens corporation set up a railway test centre in 1998. In the environs of the nearby ListZentrum, Schwalm-Nette Nature Reserve created a new nature park centre in the year 2002 as a "southern gateway” to expand on the two existing parks of Haus Püllen in Wachtendonk and the Brüggen Castle nature park information centres.
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